What is Commercial Interior Design?

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Interior Design

What Is a Commercial Interior Designer?

SouthPark Interiors defines exactly what commercial interior design firm is and why it’s important in this blog post. We’ll help uncover:

  1. The definition of commercial interior design
  2. The importance of commercial interior design
  3. Where to find a commercial interior designer

Most commercial property owners understand that interior design plays a critical role in the success or failure of their business. There’s a huge difference between residential and commercial interior design services, and understanding how to achieve the right balance in your space is the key to unlocking long-lasting profitability and relevance.

Commercial Interior Design Defined

Interior designers create many different types of indoor and outdoor environments ranging from residential, medical, and cultural to educational, civic, and commercial. The latter includes a broad variety of interior commercial spaces, including office centers, retail locations, multi-family housing, restaurants, and more.

Commercial spaces must be designed with the functionality of the specific industry and setting in mind. Above all else, commercial interior design focuses on the relationship between business operations and the physical space. Property owners must be able to conduct business in the most efficient manner possible thanks to the careful considerations of their chosen interior design experts.

What Do Commercial Interior Designers Do?

Commercial interior designers are responsible for a number of different processes, including but not limited to:

  • The direction and coordination of construction
  • Materials, finish, and furnishing selection, implementation, and installation
  • Corporate branding and aesthetic development
  • Interior layout space planning
  • Directing and coordinating work across building and development professionals
  • Interpreting the business model, brand, and priorities of an interior space

The interior design team must be able to manage projects effectively, and should be able to establish a clear project timeline that is in agreeance with the client’s budget and overall business objectives. Commercial interior designers should also be well-versed in all codes related to design and construction, fire, life-safety, energy, as well as other standards and regulations required for a building permit.

The Importance of Commercial Interior Design

Investing in commercial interior design is a wise decision for any business owner or property manager. Being able to conceptualize the space in a way that promotes style, functionality, and profitability is incredibly important for the ongoing success of the property. This takes a great degree of skill and experience to accomplish, which is why it’s important to hire a professional commercial interior designer to help navigate the process.

Benefits of Good Commercial Interior Design

By hiring a commercial interior designer to help plan out the space at their properties, developers are able to reap a number of benefits, including:

  • Use of Space: Good commercial interior designers are able to utilize the entire space in the most functional, cost-effective, stylish manner possible.
  • Future Growth Planning: A skilled designer understands how to design spaces that account for future growth of the business.
  • Aesthetics & Functionality: Design professionals have their finger on the pulse of all the latest designs that make spaces equal parts fabulous and functional.
  • Culture & Productivity: Great commercial interior design can have a positive impact on workplace productivity and even help create corporate culture.

Where to Find a Commercial Interior Designer

If you’re seeking a commercial interior designer to help bring your unique vision to life, SouthPark Interiors has the team you need. Our interior designers are experts at balancing functionality and style, developing one-of-a-kind spaces that perfectly promote the long-term business objectives of our clients. Allow our team to get started with your commercial interior design project by requesting a consultation with SouthPark Interiors today!

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