Multi-family & Student Housing Design Trends in 2022

Multi-family & Student Housing

Design Trends to Watch in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, our interior designers are looking forward to another successful year of student and multi-family housing design projects. After the 2020 global pandemic, we saw many changes take place within the interior design industry that undoubtedly helped shape the trends our team sees emerging for 2022. Take a look at some of the top trends we see taking over the commercial interior design industry in the New Year!

The Top 10 Interior Design Trends for Multi-Family Housing in 2022

One thing is for certain: 2022 will be all about prioritizing comfort, convenience, and connectivity for residents across the multi-family living spectrum. The following are just some of the ways that developers and property managers can ensure their living spaces remain on-trend for their residents:

All Natural Everything

Natural, earthen materials saw a rise in popularity that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Playing with tone-on-tone, pattern-on-pattern, and textured fabrics has helped breathe new life into otherwise neutral palettes for a more balanced, serene aesthetic.

Soft & Curvy

Comfort is the key to unlocking residential success in 2022. As such, incorporating soft lines and arches into the architectural interior design of your building will go a long way in promoting a more relaxed environment. Additionally, opt for more comfortable furniture and fabrics when furnishing your interior space.

Touchless Tech Integrations

One of the major changes to come out of the pandemic is the widespread adoption of touchless tech to eliminate unnecessary touchpoints (read: opportunities to spread germs). Integrating touchless tech is a great way to help residents feel more protected from hidden germs on dirty surfaces.

Two Toned Cabinetry

Traditionally speaking, kitchens are typically designed with matching cabinetry. However, in recent seasons, we’ve seen a resurgence of two-tone kitchen cabinets, combining two different colors or contrasting shades of cabinetry (especially with the addition of wooden shelving). This adds a visually stimulating focal point to residents’ culinary space and provides an more customized living experience.

Promoting Local Love

Whether local or regional, supporting the community in which you live while building a sense of pride within your complex should be a top priority for developers and on site teams in 2022. People are longing for a sense of belonging to a like-minded community that reflect their personal values and interests. Find opportunities to showcase local artists, hopeful entrepreneurs, and small businesses both on- and off-site.

Bringing Nature Inside

Incorporating living walls, plants, natural materials, and textures within interior design has been especially popular leading into this year. This allows for access to natural light and views of nature — even if those “views” are simply images or colors that draw out the feeling of being in nature. Bringing nature inside is shown to provide a sense of calm, further prioritizing the need for comfort for your residents.

“Resimercial” Living Vibes

The cold, clinical design cues from apartment complexes of old are gone for good. Now, it’s all about “resimercial living”: Designing comfortable, layered, inviting environments that remind us of the comforts of “home” while living in an apartment community. The idea is to encourage gatherings and the continued use of community spaces, strengthening that sense of belonging residents long for.

Modern Industrial Design

As far as we can tell, modern industrial design in architecture and décor isn’t going anywhere. Mixing modern details with industrial charm offers a chic aesthetic that’s both intriguing and unique, yet feels more updated than traditional industrial designs. From metal furniture to exposed HVAC, brick walls to raw wood elements, the industrial style pairs exceptionally well with the biophilic trends we’ve watched emerge.

High Tech Amenities

Technology is at the center of new amenities accelerated by the pandemic. It’s imperative that property managers include as many amenities through a resident’s smartphone as possible, within as few apps or one app if possible. These might include smart thermostats and lighting, teleconferencing rooms, electric vehicle charging stations, on-site Wi-Fi, rideshare pickup and drop-off locations, and other smart tech integrations. While these will help improve security and convenience for your residents, the up-front costs and dependence on Wi-Fi are something to carefully consider before choosing to bring these amenities to your building.

Prioritizing Residential Convenience

In addition to technological integrations, convenience amenities should also be a top priority for developers and property managers. Whether it’s on-site laundry facilities and dry-cleaning service, dog walking services, in-unit package delivery, or transportation partnerships, the more equipped your property is to meet your residents’ varied needs, the more successful it will be.

Incorporate These Design Trends in Your Commercial Interior!

Is your student or multi-family housing property failing to live up to today’s residents’ expectations? SouthPark Interiors has the highly skilled interior design team you need to create a space that residents actually want to call home. Connect with our experienced interior designers to begin incorporating these top trends into your commercial interior today!