Who we Serve

We Service a Wide Range of Clients

Designs for Commercial properties

As a commercial interior design firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to service a wide range of clients. Not only do we design multi-family and student housing properties, we also design hospitality properties and active living communities. We work directly with a range of clients including investors, developers, property management teams, construction companies, general contractors, and architects. We work closely with these teams and companies to create specialized designs with unique communities in mind.

Services Designed for Specific Properties


Student Housing Design

Our student housing designs are created with today’s students in mind, providing them with multipurpose and tech-savvy spaces to study, work, play and create memories that last a lifetime.


Multi-Family Housing Design

Multi-family housing communities are popping up across the country, and our unique and functional multi-family housing designs will make your complex or community stand out from the mass of new developments and be the place that people want to live, work, and play.

Other industries we serve

Student housing and multi-family housing aren’t the only industries we serve. We also provide design services for hospitality projects as well as active living community projects. Additionally, we offer design refresh services for those looking to freshen up their commercial space.