Design Development & Construction Drawings

Design Development & Construction Drawings

Interior Architecture Services

Including an interior designer on your project team is the best way to ensure a seamless transition from your exterior’s aesthetic to your interior space. At SouthPark Interiors, our interior designers have years of experience designing and building properties all over the United States. We help account for design functionality, safety, and aesthetic while planning your interior programming, resulting in a beautiful space that will keep residents happy for years to come.

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Professional Interior Architecture Firm

Design & Development Professionals

Interior designers must be able to walk the fine line between beauty and practicality when developing spaces for their clients. Our team is specially trained to handle every aspect of your interior design and development, including:

Schematic & Conceptual Design

We work closely with you to understand your goals and requirements to pull together the big idea concept for the project into a tangible, workable design.

Space Planning

We create a plan to optimize the space based on how it will be used by both residents and staff once it is complete.

Project Management

Our team collaborates with you to develop a realistic timeline and budget, working diligently to keep the project within the agreed-upon schedule and budget for a smooth installation and project delivery.

Finish Selection

Working with the most reliable vendors and general contractors, our team helps select the perfect finishes to complete your space, providing an extensive finish schedule to clearly communicate these selections to all contractors involved.

Lighting & Electrical Plans

We select critical and decorative lighting to enhance the aesthetic of your interior areas, offering lighting plans for decorative light fixtures as well as electrical plans for any additional power and data. Additionally, we have the resources to put together custom packages for in-unit lighting.

Interior Elevations & Sections

Our designers provide elevations and section drawings of your space to provide all the details necessary to the general contractor.

Construction Administration

Providing approval on submittals and RFIs, our team thoroughly communicates with the on-site general contractor team, coordinating with all parties to ensure the project is installed properly and within the agreed-upon design aesthetic.

Whether you’re a general contractor, commercial architect, or commercial builder developing a commercial space, our design development services offer the perfect solution for your building design needs. Connect with our team to get started with our interior design services today!


Charlotte’s Premiere commercial Design Firm

Both interior designers and traditional architects must work together to complete the design of your commercial property. Without the architect to create the building shell, the interior designer won’t be able to finalize the building’s interior. Likewise, without an interior designer, your space may feel cold and un-planned. SouthPark Interiors works collaboratively with all architects, general contractors, and other subs involved with the design and construction of your commercial property. We are experts at ensuring your project is carried out according to your individual budget and schedule.

Don’t begin construction on your commercial property without the interior designers at SouthPark Interiors. Contact our interior design team to schedule a consultation today!