5 Smart Home Features Every Student Housing Community Needs in 2022

With Gen-Z-ers comprising the majority of the student housing demographic, it’s no wonder that smart technology has become such a hot commodity for property developers seeking to attract new tenants. Smart home features appeal directly to today’s students’ constant need for connectivity. In fact, 62% of students say that smart technology is a top consideration for them when selecting a place to live.

There are an overwhelming number of smart home technologies available on the market, making it difficult for property developers to understand which features are most important to include in their communities. To help apartment managers better understand their options, our team put together a list of the top five smart home systems that every student housing community needs in 2022.

5 Best Smart Home Systems for Your Apartment Building

1 – Smart Locks

One of the biggest ways smart home technologies have revolutionized apartment living is through access controls. These smart lock systems are designed to allow residents to enter their homes with a special code, enabling them to control access from virtually anywhere. Some systems even offer residents the ability to regain entry with a 24/7, app-based customer service team in the event they lose or forget their code. Not only do smart locks offer a greater sense of community safety, but it also helps eliminate additional touchpoints to limit the spread of germs among residents.

2 – Video Intercom

In the same way that smart lock systems offer increased security, mobile-based video intercoms also provide stronger peace of mind for residents. A video intercom will allow residents to see guests before allowing them into the building, preventing against unauthorized entrance. This also offers a touchless entry method for tenants to let themselves into their apartments.

3 – Managed Wi-Fi

With today’s college students so dependent on internet access, managed Wi-Fi is arguably the most important feature to include in any student housing community. A managed Wi-Fi solution offers a dedicated and secure network for apartment residents, providing them with continuous access to a strong, reliable signal. It’s an incredibly important feature to include so communities can help support their residents’ study needs (not to mention the occasional binge-watching marathons).

4 – Smart Thermostats

Including smart thermostats in a student housing community doesn’t just provide added comfort and convenience for residents. It also offers owners and property managers a way to cut costs on heating and cooling expenses as these systems work to improve energy efficiency and overall HVAC performance. These systems can even communicate with other apartment features, including door and window senses, smart blinds, and outdoor temperature controls, using the information gained to automatically adjust the indoor temperature.

5 – Lighting & Outlets

Automated light switches and outlets offer a great solution in both shared amenity spaces and individual apartment units. By powering on only when rooms are occupied, these systems help property managers prevent against electricity waste while offering a sophisticated living experience for their residents. Some systems even give residents complete control over their plugged-in appliances and lights from everywhere using their smartphones.

Benefits of Having Smart Home Tech at Your Student Housing Property

Aside from satisfying the connectivity demands of today’s students, introducing smart home technology offers property managers many additional benefits, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: Smart home systems are designed to make improvements to energy efficiency across a broad range of building equipment. This enhanced energy-efficiency translates into significant savings not only for property managers, but also for the residents they serve.
  • Streamlined Processes: Many smart automations integrate with property management systems and leasing software, allowing managers to automate processes for more streamlined operations.
  • Stronger Security: Especially as more residents rely on online shopping and on-demand services, managing property security can be a challenge without the right smart tech systems in place. Access controls make it easier to improve community security and provide access to authorized guests while keeping unwanted intruders away.

Bring Smart Home Features to Your Multi-family Housing Community!

Interested in bringing smart home features to your multi-family housing community but aren’t sure where to start? SouthPark Interiors’ design experts have helped countless developers and clients incorporate the cutting-edge technologies they need to attract and retain residents. From automated HVAC and lighting to robust access controls, our team will help weave smart technology effortlessly into the form and function of your overall property design. Connect with our interior design experts to bring smart home features to your property today!