Furniture Completes the Look

Our INTERIOR DESIGN Procurement Services

Procurement is the most important part of the design process, and you can trust our interior design experts who have years of experience selecting and sourcing furniture, art, and accessories. Our procurement services can be a part of the complete interior design process of a new construction, or they can be provided as a stand alone service to just refresh your existing space. Our design team will coordinate shipment of all items, manage the warehousing process, and install your furniture and art as needed.

Furniture and Accessory Layouts

Our designers will provide layouts for all furniture, art, and accessories. These are helpful to envision what the space will look like when finished, and they are also useful to your on site team during the install.

Product Selection

Our designers will select just the right furniture, art, and accessories to bring your space to life. We work to propose product that falls within your budget and will be available within your project schedule.

Custom Art Design and Coordination

Our designers collaborate with art vendors to create custom artwork that will be a statement piece in your space or will coordinate with your branding colors and style.

Custom Furniture Design and Fabrication Coordination

Our designers will coordinate with furniture vendors and the general contractor on designing custom furniture pieces for your space. We will provide detailed drawings for millwork pieces that need to be built and installed on site.

Logistics and Install Management

Our logistics team coordinates with all vendors and the warehousing team in order to provide a smooth and effortless install. Our designers will be on site during the install to ensure that the final design aesthetic is achieved.

How does the INTERIOR DESIGN procurement process work?

Our expert team will work with you to determine your furniture needs and how these new pieces will fit your vision for your space. Once you tell us what you need – we take care of the rest. Our design and logistics team will research and find the perfect pieces for your budget and coordinate a smooth install on site.


Why trust SPI with your procurement?

Between our passion for all things design and over a decade of delivering over 250 projects across the country, we have the skill and expertise to pick the right furnishings to perfectly suit your unique needs, brand and style.