How Social Media is Influencing Student Housing Design

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users in the world today — 1 billion of which are active Instagram users. Just a short while ago, student housing properties didn’t need to concern themselves with having their interior design on constant display. Now as modern students are increasingly accustomed to luxury amenities and high end unit finishes right in the palm of their hands, apartment complexes hoping to attract new residents need to rethink their design approach.

Student housing property managers can no longer afford to overlook the stronghold of social media over their prospective residents. To remain competitive and relevant, student apartments need to update their interior design to not only incorporate stunning aesthetics, but to also provide unique amenities that today’s students have come to expect..

Social Media’s Influence on Student Housing Design

Sure, there are lots of social media users out there, but how many of them are actually influenced by what they see online? The answer to that question might surprise you: 54% of social media users browse social media to research products before making a purchasing decision — that includes apartment-hunting students.

Not only do students rely on what they see online to make purchasing decisions, but these decisions are made rapidly. According to executive VP and CEO of the International Interior Design Association, Cheryl Durst, “youth are more visually literate than their older counterparts” and “this demographic consumes their information in 15-second newsfeeds.” For this reason, designs not only need to look beautiful, but they need to make a lasting impact fast.

Ways to Make Your Student Housing Design Insta-worthy

Great design that resonates with your target residents isn’t a simple task. Not only do you need to understand what styles are on-trend, but you also need to know what students expect from their off-campus living experience. The following are just some of the interior design elements that modern day students find most important to their living environment:

  • Amenities: Be it a resort-style pool, outdoor yoga studio, or a rooftop karaoke bar — students want to snap pictures of places that are unique and inspiring to share with their social following.
  • Upgrades: “visually literate” youth are used to the finer things in life. They expect to see things like quartz countertops, walk-in closets, and new kitchen appliances when entering their soon-to-be home. They also welcome smart-tech amenities within their unit allowing them to control lighting, temperature, and door locks right from their phones.
  • Surprises: Statement pieces, such as custom moss signage or intricate murals by local artists, go a long way in attracting the right kind of attention from future tenants. Not only that, but eclectic designs can help your property stand out from the crowd on social media.

One of the easiest ways to achieve stellar interior design is by requesting the help of a skilled professional. The interior designers at SouthPark Interiors have nearly 20 years’ experience delivering breathtaking designs that result in more leases and happier residents. Allow our team to help make your student housing property the star of social media by requesting an interior design quote today!