Yes, Our Design Team is Female & Yes, We Know Our Stuff

All Women in a male dominated field

Industry Expertise goes beyond Gender

As a woman-owned and -operated commercial interior design firm, we know first-hand that some clients may be hesitant when engaging our team for services. A historically male-dominated industry, we’re used to contending with a fair amount of skepticism and “mansplaining” during many of our initial consultations.

Allow us to officially set the record straight: Yes, we are a 100% female owned & operated team, and yes, we have nearly 20 years of industry expertise crafting wildly popular designs in commercial properties across the United States.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at what makes our interior design team stand out in a male-dominated crowd.

No Need to Mansplain: Our Interior Designers are Industry Experts

When planning the design of a commercial property, it’s common for developers and owners to assume that all they need to get the job done is an architect and a general contractor. But nothing could be further from the truth: Our interior designers insist upon being included from the early inception of a new project or renovation so we can help the other members of your architectural team bring your unique vision to life. Through our years of industry experience, we’ve become experts at:

Space Planning

This is where our team truly shines. We understand the back-of-house needs for leasing staff as well as how to best showcase the amenities that commercial properties have to offer their current and future residents. By leaving the space planning solely up to the architect’s discretion, you may be left with a space that doesn’t flow as well as it would have if our team had been involved from the get-go. Oftentimes, architects don’t have the furniture scaled properly in their renderings, causing inaccuracies in project budgeting. By partnering with the rendering specialists at uForis, our team is able to create accurate, photo-realistic renderings of what the final space will look like according to the precise dimensions of your property.

Project Budgeting

Our team prides itself on being able to work within any budget. With our years of industry knowledge, we’re extremely price-conscious when it comes to materials selection and finishes. We help find the solutions that best fit our clients’ stylistic preferences without maxing out their project budget, allowing us to provide accurate, upfront estimates for each property we serve.

Materials & Vendors

SouthPark Interiors relies on a broad network of materials providers and vendors to help bring our projects to fruition. We coordinate with all vendors to understand exact pricing and delivery expectations to provide a truly stunning end result that’s still well within budget. Our team also helps re-envision finishes and fixtures to bring out the hidden “wow factor” in your property.

Project Timelines

To keep projects on-time, our team works to select materials, fixtures, furnishings, and finishes that are stateside when possible, helping to accommodate shorter project timelines. Our ideal timeline for a new project is typically three months (12 weeks); however, this is directly dependent on our team’s ability to be involved from the project’s inception. The earlier our team is engaged, the sooner we’ll know when to scale up or back with materials and products to meet our clients’ needs.

Property Branding

This is where the real collaboration comes into play: Coordinating with your project and marketing team, our designers will help create a cohesive brand for your property design. Every detail from property signage and exterior aesthetic, to interior design and FF&E selection will be carefully curated to communicate the unique story of your property and its residents.

Allow Us to Dazzle You with Our Design Expertise

SouthPark Interiors is proud to be a women-owned and -operated business. We are proud to employ many strong and talented women, and we see the importance of collaborating with a diverse group of clients, vendors, and partners. Allow us to impress you with our surprising wealth of industry expertise by trusting our team with your commercial interior design needs: Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with our interior designers today!