Tips to Make Your Interior Design Installation Easier

Insight from Designers

Make Installation Day a Breeze with These Top Tips from Our Designers

Installation day is arguably the most exciting time of the life cycle of your interior design project. However, even the most carefully planned designs can go awry without the right installation day prep. In this article, our interior designers share tips on how to make installation day easier for your project, including:

Clean Your Installation Site

Before your team arrives, it’s important to make sure the site is clean and ready for installation. This means:

Confirming with your design and build team that construction at the property is finalized
Removing any trash, clutter, or extra materials from the installation site
Ensuring the space is clean and ready for furniture installation

Having a clean site when the install team arrives will allow the installation to begin immediately.

Have Your Design Boards Handy

On installation day, be sure to have copies of your latest product scopes, layouts, and furniture boards handy. Having your design boards on-hand will help your team quickly place items in the correct rooms and areas per your designer’s vision. It also allows you to check off items as you install to make sure everything has arrived to the site as expected.

Bring a Tool Kit

While most items come with the necessary hardware for assembly, it’s always a good idea to have spare parts available. Have a tool kit available on-site during the installation process that contains:

  • Extra tools
  • Spare hardware
  • Lightbulbs
  • Carpet tape

Any other essentials that you feel may be necessary should also be included in your tool kit so you don’t have to leave the site and delay your installation.

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothes

Install days are long and can be extremely labor-intensive. As such, it’s important to dress the part. Wear loose, comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movement or keep you from getting the job done on installation day.

Note: Installations can be as messy as they are laborious. Choose clothing items that you don’t mind getting a little dirty in the process!

Hire the Right Installation Crew

Perhaps the most important thing to do to ensure a smooth installation process is to hire the right crew. You need to plan on having an appropriate number of installers reserved depending on how big your site is. If your installation requires specialty items — such as art pieces or custom design installations — be sure to hire an installer that’s experienced in this area. This will ensure all items are installed properly and securely.

SouthPark Interiors has experience coordinating interior design projects from initial concept to completed install. Our team understands how to communicate effectively across key stakeholders to ensure a smooth, seamless installation with every project. Prepare for installation day the right way by contacting SouthPark Interiors for an initial consultation!