Selecting the right art for your multi-family & student housing property

Student & Multi-family Housing Style

The Importance of Art Procurement

One of the most important aspects of any student housing design or multifamily interior design project is art procurement. Not only does art selection impact the overall aesthetic of your student housing design, but it also plays an active role in how residents enjoy and experience the space. SouthPark Interiors’ design team sources and selects the art that student housing managers need to provide an unparalleled college living experience for their residents.

How Does Art Play a Role in Interior Design?

Proper art selection isn’t just important for communicating the overall vibe of your property: It’s also a critical part of bringing the entire design together. A big, bold statement piece helps pull together all the different elements of the interior space. While big and bold artwork is encouraged, it’s important to consider all the different finishes, textures, and colors used throughout the entire interior when selecting pieces to display. For instance, you might really love the bright, orange hues in a specific piece, but if the dominant color used in the rest of your design is green, this might not be the best selection to make.

Why is Art Important to Student Living?

The importance of art in designing your student housing property cannot be overlooked. Art’s impact on mood and mental health has been well-documented for decades, making it a critical piece to any interior design. More than the quality of the art itself, the color palette featured in the artwork can have a major influence on things like:

  • Appetite
  • Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Creativity

Depending on what colors are dominant within the art piece, your student housing property could convey a number of subliminal messages to the residents enjoying the space. It’s important to work with an experienced interior designer who understands what colors and styles of art evoke the specific emotions you’re hoping that your residents will feel while living in your property.

What Type of Art is Popular for Student Housing Apartments?

While there are many studies that show what the general response to certain colors may be, art is very much subjective. What might have a positive response from one group of students may not be as well-received by others. It all depends on what the general aesthetic is for the rest of your design; however, there are certain considerations you can make that will make the art procurement process easier.

What Things Should Be Considered When Selecting Art?

Before you begin selecting pieces for your property, take time to consider the following:

  • Trends: Take a tour of some other student housing in the area to see what’s trending locally and what residents already know they like.
  • Murals: Rather than choosing an art piece, you might want to consider commissioning a mural for your student living area instead.
  • Locals: Finding local artists that speak to your surroundings is a great way to add a unique focal point to your space and tie your property back to the community.
  • Colors: Consider the color palette used throughout your space and use this as inspiration when searching for art to complete the aesthetic.

How Can SouthPark Interiors Help with Student Housing Art Procurement?

Choosing the right art for your property starts with selecting an experienced interior design team that can guide you through the procurement process. SouthPark Interiors has provided the art procurement services that student housing and multi-family property managers need to make the right impression on future and current residents. You will also want to find a design team with connections.  SouthPark Interiors has access to hundreds of different art vendors.  This access is provides you with a near limitless supply of different pieces.  Allow our team to help you select the art that communicates your unique aesthetic by connecting with our interior designers for a consultation today!