Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy Neal, an extroverted-introvert, listener and hard worker.

As a designer at South Park Interiors (SPI), Lucy has a keen eye for attention to detail and understands the importance of functionality when designing a space. Her motivation and passion stem from the ability to create a new experience for someone entering a space for the first time and getting to be creative daily.

Lucy was drawn to SPI because of their bold and thoughtfully designed work, but it was the family-oriented team and work environment that sealed the deal for her. As a member of this small but mighty team, she continues to be excited to stretch herself as a designer and think outside of the box with her designs for multi-family and student housing.



In her career, Lucy has seen the supply chain as the biggest change in the industry. “Watching the design industry go through the challenges of getting materials and furniture on time for their clients has been very eye-opening. It has been amazing to watch the way the industry has navigated those hurdles.”

She acknowledges, “It has been very difficult at times when you had a specific idea or design in mind and quickly had to make changes. I think the one thing that has stayed the same is always making sure the client is happy and learning how to appease clients in those times of stress. It is very important that your client trusts you and knows you will finish the project and it will be finished to meet their standards and needs.”

And she doesn’t take that trust lightly.


Lucy’s go-to design elements are color and patterns, “If you ask anyone close to me, you will quickly find out I am obsessed with color and lots of patterns. I want to design spaces that bring people together and create conversation. I love mixing textures and patterns. I think these kinds of spaces have personality and are more memorable.”

To make sure the client feels heard and represented, Lucy is a phenomenal listener and continues to check in with them to ensure they are happy with the way the design is going.

Looking to the future, Lucy believes that history repeats itself in design trends, and she is noticing a lot of 70s-inspired designs lately with warmer colors like browns and deep mustard tones, as well as a lot of pattern play. As a designer, she thinks it’s important to design something that ages well and consider using finishes that will last and can be easily transitional over time.

Lucy Neal is a talented designer with a passion for creating functional and inviting spaces that bring people together. Her attention to detail, love for color and patterns, and ability to listen to her clients’ needs make her an invaluable member of the SPI team.