Meet Daniela

the Newest Designer at SPI Creates Spaces People Love

South Park Interiors (SPI) is known for its exceptional team of designers who are passionate about creating spaces that people will love to occupy. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with one of their team members, Daniela Martinez, who shared her expertise and predictions for the future of design.

When asked to describe what motivates her, Daniela adamantly replied, “Being able to create something new every day and designing places that people will occupy and enjoy!” This passion is what drew her to SPI, a small work environment that allows for more collaboration within the whole design team and gives her the opportunity to learn and be more creative every day.

Daniela Knows Style

In design, Daniela focuses on adding something different every time, creating spaces that make people do a double-take. She has seen the biggest changes in her career after COVID, which altered the functionality of spaces, especially in multifamily and student housing. As “working from home” is the new norm, there has been an increase in bigger and better coworking spaces, which have become almost a requirement for all apartment amenities.

When designing a space, Daniela believes that making sure spaces are ADA compliant is crucial: “Making sure EVERYONE can enjoy a space and be comfortable no matter what IS what makes a great design.”

Daniela’s go-to design elements include plants everywhere, adding greens to a space whenever possible. She considers the purpose of a space, who will be using it, and how often, to come up with an accurate vision of what the space should look and feel like. Having a focal point is important to her, as it helps her determine where people should look when they enter a room.

Looking and Listening

To make sure the client feels heard and represented, Daniela takes avid notes,works to clearly explain her thoughts and ideas, and asks clarifying questions. “Making helpful recommendations without sounding pushy and avoiding any judgment is also very important, as sometimes is hard for clients to come up with a clear idea, but you always want to make them feel heard.”

Regarding her predictions for the future of design, Daniela believes that mid-century is coming back (one of her favorite styles).. She anticipates more humble materials such as wood and plaster, soft, warm, and light colors, as well as curvy furniture, details, and patterns. She feels that embracing the natural beauty of materials instead of covering everything up is what makes design timeless and clean, creating opportunities for seamless redesign in the future.

Daniela’s passion for design and ability to create something new every day makes her a valuable asset to any project. We look forward to seeing more of Daniela’s work and the impact she makes on the design industry.