How to Promote Local Businesses & Artists in Your Community

Local Art is Emerging

How do you integrate local artists into your student housing & multi-family properties

Creating a sense of community within your multi-family housing property is paramount to its success. One of the best ways to establish a sense of belonging for your residents is by promoting local businesses and artists within the community at large. While the amenities you offer at your property are important, it’s equally important to let your residents know that by living here, they’re closer to all the places they love the most!

Why Promote Off-Site Amenities at Your Multi-Family Community?

It might seem counterproductive to some developers and property managers to promote off-site services and amenities surrounding their apartment complexes. You’ve already invested so much into an on-site gym and spa — why drive your residents into the arms of the Planet Fitness down the street? But according to Apartment Guide, “neighborhood” was listed as the second-most important thing that renters look for when searching for a place to live.

It’s important for developers and property managers to understand that they need to be strategic in the types of local businesses and services they choose to promote. Stocking up on fliers for the local gym when you have your own to offer isn’t exactly the best partnership to forge. However, you might want to think about ways to promote local, healthy eateries for the fitness buffs in your community to enjoy. This way, you aren’t driving away residents from the spaces you worked hard to create for them while simultaneously offering them a way to broaden and strengthen their sense of community.

What Types of Off-Site Amenities Should a Multi-Family Property Promote?

As we mentioned before, developers and property managers should be strategic about which businesses they choose to promote. The following are just some of the types of businesses that multi-family housing properties might want to consider advertising within their communities:

Restaurants & Bars

Promoting local restaurants, breweries, and bars is a great way to showcase the abundance of worthwhile amenities right in your residents’ backyard. Many tenants look for properties that are close to grocery stores and restaurants, with residents often willing to pay more or overlook missing on-site amenities if the rental is located in a great neighborhood.

Art & Culture

In a survey by NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Renter Preferences Report, 60% of renters say their living space is tied to their identity. This is why it’s critical for apartment complexes to highlight amenities that reflect their residents’ preferences and values. For example, decorating your interior space with local artwork and promoting the artist’s gallery is a great way to attract and retain residents longing for a creative community. Maybe your community is filled with hobby gardeners; if that’s the case, consider promoting the local farmer’s market. By finding ways to connect with your community’s cultural values, you’ll be better able to retain residents.

Transportation & Tourism

Restaurants and community events are great, but sometimes all a resident wants to do is get out of town. Support your community’s thirst for adventure by showing them the way to easily accessible transportation and tourist destinations. While residents value close proximity to work, they may be willing to live further away from the city if they know they have easy access to a bus route or nearby train.

3 Clever Ways to Support Local Businesses at Your Multi-Family Community

There are plenty of ways in which multi-family housing developers and managers can partner with local businesses and artists to promote their surrounding communities. The following are just some of the things you can do at your apartment complex to “support local”:

Resident Events

Consider partnering with a local business on the next community event within your complex. Whether it’s having a local restaurant cater your community luncheon or hosting a yoga class with a local instructor, resident events are a great way to promote local offerings from the convenience and comfort of your community. When you do host a resident event with a local business, be sure to credit them appropriately either on the invitation or by making a sign to list the business’ information.

Welcome Bags

Welcome the newest members of your community by putting together a gift bag filled with all your favorite local goodies. This could be as personal as a goodie bag stuffed with local baked goods and artisanal snacks or as casual as a gift card to the nearest coffee shop. Not only does this show your newest community members how much you care, but those you help support will be appreciative of the added business.

Lobby Kiosks

Another great way to promote local businesses is by offering your residents a place where they can peruse pamphlets, brochures, and menus from the places that surround them. Adding a lobby kiosk with local information is a great way to keep your community abreast of what’s happening in the area and the amenities that are available.