Elan University City Apartments to Open March 2023

Multi-family Project Spotlight

The Inside Scoop from Our Latest Multifamily Interior Design Project

SouthPark Interiors is finishing another multi-family property, this time here in Charlotte, NC. Elan University City is set to open its doors in March 2023, and we can’t wait to share all the details.
Why it matters: With the new year fast approaching and major redevelopment happening in the University City area, now is a great time for property developers in Charlotte to refresh their understanding of the multifamily landscape.

Today’s tenants demand something different from their living experience, and Elan University City Apartments plans to deliver what’s missing.

  • Tenants can expect state-of-the-art amenities, including a resort-style pool, outdoor kitchen, clubhouse, and there are even rumors of an on-site pickleball court.
  • Residents will have their choice between two finish packages, each complete with upgraded cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting, and fixtures.
  • Drawing an overall design aesthetic inspiration from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Elan University City aims to include multiple outdoor spaces throughout, featuring earthy tones, relaxing greenery, and woodgrains in finishes, furniture, and art.

Take a tour: While Elan University City Apartments won’t open until March 2023, you can get a true feel for the all-new community by reading our Q&A below with lead designer, Emily Hiott.

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Designer Q&A with Emily Hiott

We spoke with lead interior designer, Emily Hiott, to get a better understanding of what residents can expect at Elan University City Apartments. Here’s what she shared:

What makes this space unique from other multifamily interior design projects?

Elan University City could not come online at a better time. The University City area is undergoing a massive redevelopment, and people are taking notice. It is an excellent location, and Elan will provide an excellent solution for tenants seeking a perfect marriage between convenience and luxury.

There are multiple programmed outdoor spaces throughout the property for residents to enjoy, including:

  • Hammock parks
  • Firepit areas
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Private hangout spots
  • Open green spaces
  • Resort style pool complete with private cabanas
  • Lap pool

We even proposed a pickleball court for the build!

Inside, the clubhouse leaves nothing to be desired with rich woodgrains and earthy tones highlighted by bold angles and textures within the design. The clubhouse environment will be a perfect backdrop for those work-from-home days, early mornings at the gym, and everything in between.

How does Elan University City compare to other properties in the area?

There aren’t many Class A multifamily properties that have delivered in recent years, so Elan is positioned to come in strong. Residents will have two finish packages they can choose from; however upgraded cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting, and fixtures will come standard throughout. This property will also provide its residents with multiple opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, which is something the University City area is currently lacking.

What was your approach to the design process for this project?

We took a page from Ralph Waldo Emerson in our approach to this design. He felt that being in nature repaired your soul and provided man with a sense of peace.

We wanted the space to be a home they could come to for both rest and play.
Taking this idea, our team worked together with Mees, Partners, and LandDesign to create a property that would provide its residents with their very own sanctuary.

The interior of the clubhouse seeks to inspire and comfort. Here, you’ll find earthy tones, relaxing greens, and woodgrains throughout the finishes, furniture, and art. In many ways, this design is an homage to Mother Nature.