Designers Reviewing Designs: Audrey Robinette

Designers Reviewing Designs

Audrey on Her Favorite Designs

Welcome to the first installment of our design critique series, where the talented designers at SouthPark Interiors lend their discerning eyes to review and analyze the work of their peers in the industry.

In this edition, Audrey Robinette, esteemed designer and Director of Sales at SouthPark Interiors, shares her insight and perspective on some of her favorite designs.

Rockett St. George

“Rockett St. George is a UK based design & lifestyle brand that is quirky & cool. I love their maximalist vibe that is influenced by many different design styles from around the world and includes rich colors, lots of mixed metals and unique textiles. I am definitely a more is more type personally and I love looking at their blog and IG for personal inspiration.”

Magic of Art Nouveau

“Magic of Art Nouveau I experienced Paris for the first time in the fall of 2022 and became immediately obsessed with not only the beauty of Parisian architecture throughout the city, but I particularly fell in love with the art nouveau style of architecture and design. The intricate details, curves, fabrics, and colors used in this style are all so beautiful to me. Even though the style is well over a century old, I love how it is still preserved and seen all over Paris and other parts of Europe today in building doors and facades, metro stations, street signs, windows, and more. This account and Brussels based blogger showcases art nouveau designs around France and Europe.”