Communication is Key: Getting the Most from Commercial Interior Design Projects

As with any strong, healthy relationship, establishing a clear, consistent line of communication is key. This is especially true for clients working with an interior designer for their commercial property’s design needs. The only way you can bring your unique vision to life is by having a firm understanding of your wants, needs, and goals from the very beginning.

That doesn’t mean all of the responsibility rests on your shoulders, though: Clients need to ensure they are working with a team of experienced interior designers who are asking the right questions and who are capable of intuiting their clients’ needs based on the initial discovery phase.

Knowing Your Commercial Interior Design Needs

Creating or transforming the interior aesthetic of an apartment complex, multi-family residential unit, or student housing facility can be overwhelming. Before reaching out to a knowledgeable design team, it’s important to first ensure that you have a firm understanding of your own needs, goals, and desires. Consider the following carefully so you can be sure that you are prepared to answer any questions your interior design team may have during the discovery phase:

Scope: Is this a new build? A renovation or remodel? Perhaps a rebranding opportunity? Whatever the scope of your project may be, it’s important to categorize it ahead of your initial meeting so you can receive a realistic timeline from your team regarding project completion.
Budget: What are you willing to spend on your commercial interior design project? Knowing this first will help you better understand what options are available, and it will help your design team know what products to share with you for your consideration. An experienced design team can also help guide you to appropriate budgets if there are areas where you are unsure.
Clientele: Who will be living in or using your newly designed space? What is the target rent you’re hoping to charge future tenants? Knowing who your audience is beforehand is critical to the overall design plan as it will help your team understand how to best resonate with the end user’s experience.
Competition: Who are your direct competitors in the market? Find out who they are and identify any unique differentiators that are appealing to your target audience. This can help your designer identify possible solutions that fall within your budget so you can remain competitive and relevant in the space.

Once you’ve identified the answers to these important questions, the next step is to engage with an experienced design team. From there, they should be the ones to dispel any lingering concerns and finalize design plans for the project.

Questions Your Interior Designer Should be Asking

During your initial consultation with your interior designer, you should come prepared to answer many different questions. The best interior design teams are those who know the most important questions to ask. Using this information, your interior designer will be able to ensure your project meets expectations and remains on-time and on-budget. The following are just some of the questions your interior design team should be asking during your initial consultation:

What Stage of the Design Process are You Currently At?

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many clients don’t elect to bring in an interior design team until what they feel to be the “appropriate time.” However, bringing in an interior designer too late can cause gaps between the feasibility of your design and your design goals — especially if your architect has already drafted plans and your team has already begun construction.

It helps design a better space when the relationship between your interior designer and architect is strong and established as early as possible within the life of the project.

What Amenities are You Hoping to Provide?

One of the biggest benefits to finding an interior design team that’s able to work well with your architect is the ability to bring unique amenities to your project and create proper space planning that maximizes the use of your amenity areas. You might desire an in-ground pool for your tenants to enjoy, private study or work areas, a game room or perhaps a separate clubhouse area where residents can relax and have fun. Your designer should consider these details carefully so they can provide you with options that suit your budget and timeline.

What Do Other Buildings in the Area Look Like?

Just like it’s important to consider your competition, it’s equally important to consider your location. If you’re looking to stand out in a way that’s unique and surprising, your design team may suggest deviating from the exterior stylings of surrounding structures. Come prepared to not only discuss the vision for your building, but also how it will compare to others in the region.

The SouthPark Interiors Discovery Journey

At SouthPark Interiors, our discovery phase begins with an initial consultation to better understand your needs. Our experienced designers will assess every detail of your desired new build or renovation, covering everything from scope and timeline to budget and stylistic preferences. We act as your turn key design partner, offering design development and construction drawing services to deliver truly customized living spaces. Connect with our team to schedule your commercial interior design consultation today!