A Year in Review with Highlights from the Team

2023 was great for SPI!

Looking back at what made 2023 so special

As we prepare for an incredible 2024, we wanted to take a look back and share some of our favorite moments, projects, designs, and installs from 2024.


Favorite Moments: Interface National Student Housing Conference, Austin TX, April 2023. At our biggest conference of the year, we were able to meet with clients both new and old. We participated in networking sessions, podcast recording sessions, and other special events where we spent time with our team and industry colleagues. We also designed a Mad Men themed exhibit booth with our furniture partners at Function First Furniture that was a huge hit!


Favorite Design Moment:
The Spectrum Apartments in Southend. I worked on this project with Ashley and it was one of the first projects I was asked to help on with SPI. The client asked for an interior update. SPI selected new furniture in the amenity spaces as well as new graphics and lighting. This project turned out really well and I was so excited to be a part of it and see how a few updates can make a really big impact! The clients were very happy with the outcome!


Favorite Install: Completing The Marshall Rochester install and seeing the professional photos was hands down my favorite moment in 2023. Being able to see a large scale project that you designed from the ground but be built and completed was just a prideful moment. The large wood screen element is my favorite part of the project. Lecesse Construction and their team did beautifully making my vision come to life. I love that we can see the project start from a sketch and develop in real life.


Favorite design moment: Remount Road in Charlotte. One of the first design boards I worked on with SPI and one of the largest floor plans, it features a Sky lounge with a live tree in the patio, lots of lounge areas, game room and co-working space. The palette was one of my all-time favorites with lots of pink to rust tones, terrazzo and gold accents; we had an opportunity to design something very unique and exciting and can’t wait to move forward with the project and see how it turns out!


Favorite Project: The Marshall Rochester.  Taylor did an excellent job in designing this space.  The design elements and finishes made such a great impact when walking into the reception area.  I really loved the custom wall covering she designed for the study nooks.  We were able to have a little fun on this install and explore the Canadian Niagara Falls as well!


Favorite Artwork:
This year one of the highlights for me was getting to go to site and Houston and paint a mural that I collaborated with the design team to create. It was one of the first experiences I had with an art project of that scale, and it is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Being able to hone new skills and push myself from techniques used in smaller scale to huge walls has been very fun!


Favorite Memories of 2023:
This year was different for me, as I participated in a lot of “the fun stuff” vs the everyday.  My favorite part of our SPI family is our clients and the camaraderie we have, and the many ways we show up for each other.  I’m so proud of the team, and the talent, but I’m especially proud of the “family” we have created.  I have highlighted below just a few of those memories.


Favorite Memories of 2023:
We are a close group over here at SPI.
We value our relationships with our clients and the amazing opportunities they bring to us, the architects and contractors we are able to work with, the reps and vendors who keep us up to date and caffeinated, and undoubtedly, each other. It is so hard to pick out just one memory; over the past year we have traveled an infinite amount of miles for installs and site visits (hello Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls), celebrated weddings, babies and birthdays, grown together during staff meetings, wellness outings, and volunteering opportunities (whoop whoop- we love Beds for Kids), enjoyed our “wine” down Wednesdays, participated in industry trade shows and markets, and shared countless laughs and stories with one another. It’s not *always* sunshine and rainbows, it can be late nights and long weekends- but it isn’t often that you find a company, and culture, like ours. BUT, since I have this picture from market, I’ll say my favorite memory has been having 3 “new” incredible team members join in on all the fun.