Designers Weigh In: UCSB’s proposed dorm

Our Designers Weigh In

UCSB’s proposed dorm

The University of California, Santa Barbara recently accepted a $200 million donation from Charlie Munger, a billionaire vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

This donation did come with an odd stipulation: The new student housing facilities would be designed by Munger. Munger, who is not a licensed architect, stipulated that his vision be built exactly as he demanded.

The Primary Issue: The student housing property was an 11-story building made to house 4,500 people with one giant flaw, it didn’t contain any windows.

SouthPark Interiors Designer Ashley Harris Weighs In:
“In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve all learned that a connection to nature and the outside is a top priority. Prospective residents have come to expect housing environments that include lots of natural light and outdoor space. By taking this away, that can have a severe effect on students’ mental health. In today’s society, awareness of mental health and wellness is top of mind and as designers, we need to design spaces that allow for healthy and happy residents.”

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